Virtual Sessions

Wednesday, June 8

Session 1 – 1:35 pm—2:35 pm

V1 - Province of Employment

Speakers: Tina Beauchamp, CPM, Education Content Specialist

With more employers considering work-from-home or work-from-anywhere policies it is vital for payroll professionals to apply the correct province of employment for withholding purposes to their remote workers. This session will cover the CRA and Revenue Quebec province of employment guidelines for payroll.

V2 - Vacations (French)

Speaker: Karima Balfoul, CPM, Bilingual Payroll Compliance Advisor

Payroll practitioners have a huge responsibility in transforming legislation into organizational policy. This can be a challenge since there are so many aspects of employment and labour standards legislation and regulation that are multifaceted. This webinar will cover the federal, provincial and territorial legislation related to statutory holidays for all jurisdictions across Canada. The following issues will be examined: Statutory holiday observance; employee entitlement; statutory holiday pay requirements for eligible employees; overtime calculation in weeks where there is a statutory holiday and much more.


Session 2 – 2:55 pm—3:55 pm

V3 - From Stressed to Resilient – The Gift of Mental Toughness

Speakers: Faith Wood

Health Orders, Politics, technology, ideology and even the weather has made the world a far different place than it was just a few years ago. And all those new challenges are creating pressure and affecting our emotional wellbeing. Enough waiting, join Faith and discover tactical steps for ensuring peace and sanity. Stop the burnout that is creeping in and decide:
• What are you keeping?
• What are you ditching?
• What needs changing?

It’s time to boost our resilience by developing greater mental toughness.

V4 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (French)

Speaker: Sandrine Lafleur, PCP, Alight Solutions

Join Sandrine Lafleur, PCP, Director, Regulatory and Compliance from Alight Solutions as she shares her organization’s journey towards developing an engaging culture, building a diverse and inclusive workplace, and driving results and values. Because #peoplematter.

Thursday, June 9

Session 3 – 2:00 pm—3:00 pm

V5 - In Control, of Payroll

Speakers: Max van der Klis-Busink, RPP, Senior Global Payroll Manager for Zoom

Surely, you are already in control – we take your word for it. If you are interested though, in learning more about how to apply risk and control in payroll processes, join this session. This universally best practice sticks with you for the rest of your career – in a good way.

V6 - Canada Revenue Agency/Revenu Quebec - Taxable Benefits and Year-end Reporting Differences (French)

Speaker: Nathalie Syratt, PCP, Bilingual Payroll Compliance Advisor

Attend this informative seminar to explore key differences between the federal and Quebec payroll regulations and policies. In this session we will explain Revenue Quebec’s positions and any new and emerging issues.
– T4s and RL1s
– Taxability of certain benefits
– CPP/QPP, EI rates
– Employer contributions unique to Quebec employers
– Covid-19 relief measures/subsidies
– and more

Session 4 – 3:25 pm—4:25 pm

V7 - Effectively Leading and Managing Others in the New World of Work

Speakers: Ilana Stern, Director of HR & Training Services, MaxPeople

As companies have transitioned to a new way of work, it is important that Managers know the skills required to effectively lead their teams in this new world. This session will focus on many of these important topics.

Topics to Include:
• How to shift your leadership style to focus on results, communication, and empowerment
• Understand how leaders can navigate the complexities of engaging employees as we move toward a post-pandemic world
• How to manage stress in the workplace
• The importance of ensuring a proper work-life balance for both yourself and your team
• How to develop a positive workplace culture founded in a sense of belonging and fairness

V8 - Vacation Pay: Employer and Employee Compliance Requirements

Speaker: Karima Balfoul, CPM, Bilingual Payroll Compliance Advisor

During this presentation, participants will learn about the legislative standards requirements in different jurisdictions and employer compliance requirements for example by implementing a “use it or lose it” policy while needing to be compliant with various minimum employment standards/employer policies or collective agreements.

Friday, June 10

Session 5 – 2:35 pm—3:35 pm

V9 - We all Fall – It’s How You Get Up that Counts

Speakers: Heather Haslam, ADP

Last winter Heather Haslam, VP Marketing, ADP Canada, took a tumble on the ski hill and it was epic. So epic, in fact, recovery was measured in months and years, not days and weeks. As someone who thrives on speed, the lesson of slowing down was one Heather embraced, but with that lack of speed, came a rush of reflection.

From simple realizations to profound discoveries, join Heather as she talks leadership in the context of personal crisis, what she learned, how it has made her a better leader and ultimately, the positives that have come from falling down.

V10 - Legislative Updates (French)

Speaker: Nathalie Syratt, PCP, Bilingual Payroll Compliance Advisor

COVID-19 brought about several federal and jurisdictional changes that impact payroll such as Employer Financial Aid programs extensions Employment Insurance (EI) Benefit Changes Extended sickness benefits New requirements for electronic filing of slips. Join us as we provide you with new legislative information to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Session 6 – 3:45 pm—4:45 pm

V11 - Roaring Back... to the Future - How to Modernize Your Practice with Digital Payroll

Speakers: Bianca Mueller, Wagepoint

You won’t need a time machine for this mission, but you will need access to the cloud.

Over the last couple of years, many payroll professionals were catapulted into updating their practice. Many adapted on the fly and never had the chance to fully comprehend the end-to-end impact of running an efficient and compliant digital payroll practice. Until now.

In this session, Bianca will discuss the future of payroll technology, focusing on new trends affecting payroll professionals. She will cover cloud payroll strategies and will guide you through ways to implement them in your own practice, following the latest industry standards.

V12 - Développer sa carrière dans le monde commercial hybride (French)

Speaker: Martin Poupart, Robert Half

L’environnement commercial hybride a changé de nombreux aspects de notre façon de travailler et de faire progresser notre carrière. D’anciennes voies se ferment, mais de nouvelles voies s’ouvrent. Cette présentation explore les nouvelles attentes des employé(e)s et des employeurs, les compétences qui sont maintenant les plus importantes pour réussir, les stratégies pour démarrer ou faire progresser votre carrière, les nouvelles voies à prendre et comment surmonter les obstacles à votre façon


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